Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We gather a lot of information from our clients in our business and we respect the privacy of our clients. For same, our business policies have laid down some privacy policies as follows. (Privacy policies are subject to change without prior notice)

1. Personal Information of Visitors: In our business processes, we collect personal information of our clients (like email address, name, phone number, etc.) during various marketing campaigns at our website, social media or other platforms. We do use your contact information for sending various offers, newsletters and other brand communication.

2. Privacy of Information Collected: Although we use the information we collect through various marketing channels to contact you, but we do not share this data with any one not related to Anutammam or anyone who intends to use this information for processes other than official purpose of Anutammam. We strictly do not sell, rent or share this data in any form.

3. Safety of Data: We have put adequate measures to prevent any unlawful or unauthorized access to your information by any individual / organization or group of individuals.

Questions? You can write to following address for any queries: