The Irresistible Allure of Gold Jewellery

Celebrate eternal beauty of woman with Gold Jewellery

Woman love jewelry and they love Gold the most. Finding a perfect gold jewelry to match the mood is a task but once you have it, you are sorted for lifetime.  That is why the precious metal Gold gets a lot of love. Anutammam always strives to stay contemporary and so we have created a whole range of gold jewellery. The diamonds on the jewellery have been set in illusion setting so the beauty of solitaires comes alive on each piece.

Here are some of the best pieces from this collection of gold and diamond jewellery.


The attraction of gold is evergreen. Our mood is instantly lifted at the site of colorful blooms. This pendant set  with earrings is inspired by Indian tradition which will get in you in limelight every time you wear it.


Here’s a Polki chandbalas. The timeless beauty of this chandbalas is the right addition to your graceful looks. This chandbalas is the perfect pick for your every traditional look.


Statement rings have been favorites for a long time. This ring will look as amazing with your favorite Indo-western  outfit as it will look with a saree.


Bored of those heavy bangles and bracelets? We present our elegant, lightweight creation! A bangle studded with multiple diamonds is what you need to make your handshake a lot more stylish.

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