Glamour this New Year with Anutammam

Isn’t it an overwhelming feeling when you leave a jewellery shop after purchasing that dazzling piece? Well, here’s another chance! How about purchasing some beautiful rings for the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s?  Since the wedding season is still going on, it would be a better option to purchase some light jewellery!

Light and classy jewellery makes a good impression wherever you go. You can easily carry it with light traditional clothes or even evening gowns! Anutammam has an amazing range of casual pieces which are can be accessorized with any outfit; be it for a dinner date or even a birthday party!


Adorn your wrist with this elegant heart shaped diamond bracelet; ad let those eyes stare with envy!


Doesn’t these pair of diamond earrings look phenomenal? Wear these for that New Year’s bash and see heads turning everywhere you go!


Rings are a piece of jewellery that will always look elegant no matter what you wear or where you go. How about this very elegant diamond ring or that golden ring for a casual birthday party?


You can also check out our collection of pendant sets to get a casual yet royal look for the next event you head to! Gentlemen, the year is coming to an end, it’s time to pamper our lovely wives with some of Anutammam’s exclusive pieces!

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