5 things you should keep in mind while choosing your Bridal Jewelry

Every bride on this earth wishes to look her best. It is a special day for her. Beginning of a new life and the presence of so many people out there whose eyes will be set on her make her want to do her best. She spends months planning which dress to wear, the jewelry to match and the perfect pair of sandals.

Each individual has her own sense of style. In addition, everyone has a certain personality. Some are simple, other fashionable and trendy. Yet others are more traditional want to stick to classical definition of wedding couture. While some prefer to go overboard, others prefer the minimalist look.

Yet, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind irrespective of the style she chooses.

  1. Color of the dress: The color of the dress you choose is a major factor in deciding the jewelry. The jewelry may contain kundan or meenakari which should be matched with the broad color of the dress whether it is a sari or a lehenga. The design or pattern chosen can be either matched or in contrast to the pattern in the dress. Sometimes, it is the less dominant color that provides a more lasting effect. Keeping in mind that the dress is very important it is better to first purchase the dress and then set out to match the jewelry with it.
  2. The amount of work on the bridal dress: If the dress is heavy and contains gemstones and beads, you can opt for a minimalist look. Remember that you will be wearing bracelets and armlets if you choose to. Too much of the same will wear you look down. If the dress is simpler, choose heavy jewelry and vice versa. It is worthwhile to bear in mind that most bridal jewelry is heavy stuff. If you intend to be a bit practical, choose a piece that you can wear later too. It wouldn’t be very nice to buy something worth a big amount only to store it in a safe. Brands offer detachable jewelry these days. Given the wear ability of the pieces, it is a good idea to invest in one.
  3. Neckline: The design of the neck-piece should be in keeping with the neckline of the dress you choose. Chandelier pieces and choker neck-pieces do well with higher and lower necklines respectively. Those opting for V-neck lines should choose a V-shaped piece. Those wearing backless should ideally go for arm bracelets and neck wears with focus.
  4. Hairstyle: The danglings shouldn’t get entangled with the hair if you chose to let them down. Additionally, it should also go with the type of hairstyle you choose.
  5. Heirloom jewelry: Some of us are lucky to inherit our grandmother’s and mother’s jewelry. These pieces have an old world charm and can be matched and mixed with our trousseau on the wedding day. One can, with permission make modifications to suit the dress and the occasion.

There are other points too to be taken into consideration when choosing a set. When you go out shopping, remember to carry a picture of the dress along so you can refer to it while shopping. Those who have to abide by their mother’s choice as well can select pieces that are classics. While being modern, they have elements of yesteryear that will keep both generations happy.

Remember to also buy a storage box that will help you keep all the bridal jewelry in place. You will receive gifts from the rest of the family too. Make place for them.

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