The Birthstone of January Month

Enjoying the winter chills? We hope you had a blast at the New Year’s bash! With the New Year feel just settling in, how about making it better by purchasing some precious stones? January born people are lucky to have Garnet as their birthstone! This shiny stone is all the class and regal look you wanted!


Legend says Garnets light up the night and protects their owners from nightmares. Garnet is the birthstone for January but with its stunning variety of colors and its mystical powers, it has been given as a gift for all occasions for centuries.


Garnet generally comes in a dark red color, in rare situations; you can also find it in other colors like blue or green. Garnet is known to bring prosperity and peace to the wearer. Legend has it that Garnet is associated with lasting relationships; so gift this stone to your beloved as a symbol of deep connection!

Come on, January babies, bring that precious stone home!