Significance of jewellery pieces in maintaining good health!

Indian jewellery has an emotional connect attached with it. Some buy it for flaunting while some for the purpose of saving. Every buyer has a different story behind every purchase. But do you know that the jewellery you wear can help you in maintaining good health?

Read on to know jewellery can make you look attractive and keep you in good health at the same time. 



Earrings apart from making you look gorgeous, they provide acupuncture benefits too. The nerve passing through your right ear connects with the brain, kidney and cervical region. The pressure on ears from earrings keeps the kidney and bladder in good health.

Nose Ring


Nose rings make a woman appealing, sexy and beautiful and help to enhance the seductive charm. In some parts of India, the size of nose ring is associated as a sign of financial power and family status. Apart from this, it is believed that woman who has a piercing on left side experiences less menstrual pain also they have less pain while delivering a child.



Rings, especially engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger from the thumb, as the nerve of this finger connects to the heart. This nerve is spread evenly through neurones in brains and the constant friction of ring is good for physical and mental well-being.



Necklaces enhance the charm of a woman. Traditionally, mangal sutra or wedding chain is considered to be the symbol of love and commitment. It also helps in improving blood circulation and controlling blood pressure.



In old times, it is said that the bangle is worn for the safety and well-being of the husband. Bangles help in regulating blood circulation. The circular nature of bangle sends the energy back to the body that passes through the skin.

Accessorise your glamorous gowns and ethnic Indian outfits right!


Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. A style is more about being yourself.

Getting dressed for an extraordinary occasion is constantly exciting. We get the chance to wear exquisite outfits, stylish shoes and dazzling gems. Many women think about the Jewellery at the last and have an intense time finding something great. Wrong decision of jewels can ruin your look so it’s ideal to go the other route round. Pick your jewellery first as getting a coordinating outfit is manageable.

Jewellery always ought to draw more focus when dressed. So, make sure you pick the perfect one for the occasion. At Anutammam, you will many designs to go with regardless of the dress design.

Here are some scintillating jewellery pieces just for you:


These gold and diamond earring is the perfect choice for any traditional Indian outfit or a fusion wear. The shine of gold has increased manifold thanks to gleaming diamonds.


Here is the pair that will look stunning with the evening gowns and cocktail sarees. Pearl drops never cease to amaze! This delicate piece of work in diamond is surely going to add sparkle to your look.


Want to wear something heavy on your minimal outfit?  Accentuate your femininity with this graceful & elegant gold diamond set from Anutammam.


We all love earrings and a perfect pair of earring always enhance one’s charm. Pick this pair of stunning earrings and you are ready to rock parties, regardless of your outfit!


Pick a diamond set that will suit every occasion. This set is timeless and classy. You can wear just the necklace or only earring if you want a minimal yet elegant look.



How to choose the best mangalsutra for yourself?

An ornament which binds two souls, many emotions….making marriage a bond!

A mangal sutra is an auspicious Sutra, an inevitable part of Hindu wedding. A mangal sutra is a unique ornament, given by a Hindu groom to the bride thereby making her a lifemate.

Below is a list which will make it easier for you to purchase a mangal sutra.

The lighter, the easier


Try to purchase a mangalsutra which is light in weight and not heavy since women in today’s time are as professional as men. Buy a mangal sutra which you can wear to the office and does not create any hindrance in your working lives.

Go with the flow



Check the latest designs and then opt for a mangal sutra. Browse the various designs online. Short mangal sutra looks classy. Also, it mixes with the professional attire, making it non-messy.

Go for different stones and metals


There are different kinds of stones and metals available in the market. Go for your choice of stones in the mangal sutra while ditching the traditional and old style of mangal sutra. You can even consider platinum for your mangal sutra.

Select the pendant design wisely


Heavy designs, hanging pendants or a light pendant is all upon your dressing style. Check the design which looks best on you. Do keep in mind your comfort level.

Decide the length and design of the chain


The length of the chain of the mangal sutra determines the beauty of the mangalsutra. Do not forget to add some black beads in your mangal sutra. You should decide it should be a single chain or double chain. Keep in mind the outfits you wear mostly.

Look for hallmark as it denotes authenticity


Hallmark ensures that you are not being cheated while purchasing your mangal sutra. Hallmark is a symbol of purity between buyers and sellers.

Now that you have got all the knowledge of mangal sutra get yourself a mangal sutra which defines your personality.