Jewellery to wear according to your Zodiac sign

None of us would deny that without wearing jewellery women look incomplete. Often we get confused with what to buy. Why not try wearing something according to your Zodiac sign? So here is a complete list which will cater to each zodiac sign.

  1. Aries – Diamond

Aries are highly energetic and their enthusiasm reflects in the jewellery they wear. They usually go for angular shapes. The Aries are independent and they love to be dressed in cool and offbeat jewellery.


  1. Taurus – Emerald

Taurus are known for their intelligence and wisdom. Their gemstone is Emerald, which signifies their persona, faith and trust.


  1. Gemini – Agate

Gemini is multi-talented, multi-tasking and usually impatient, the gemstone that defines their aura is Agate. Agate shows the various sides of a Gemini.


  1. Cancer- Ruby

Cancerians women are known for their never ending love, passion and warm. The gemstone for cancer is Ruby which symbolises passion.Ruby is considered to be very classy. Pick some vintage ruby jewellery and Cancerian women would love it.


  1. Leo- Peridot

The Leo’s are well known for being generous, loyal and kindness. Peridot defines Leo perfectly. If you are a Leo, pick up some Peridot jewellery with diamonds.


  1. Virgo- Sapphire

Virgos are considered to be perfectionists; they have an eye for exclusive & exquisite jewellery. If you are a Virgo, go for Sapphire along with Platinum. The blue colour of sapphire looks really royal.


  1. Libra- Opal

Opal symbolises balance in one’s life. If you a librarian, go for opal as it will bring out the cool nature you have.


  1. Scorpio- Topaz

A Scorpio woman is very attractive and mysterious. Topaz symbolises fidelity and power, which is perfect for a scorpion. If you are a scorpion, you are sure to attract a lot of people. Go make a bold entrance!


  1. Sagittarius- Blue Topaz/ Ruby

Sagittarius is known for freedom and friendly nature, whereas blue topaz signifies friendship, love and nature. Customise your wardrobe with Blue Topaz and Rubies, or place a Ruby or Topaz in the centre of your jewellery.


  1. Capricorn- Garnet

Capricorn women are usually considered very affectionate and sophisticated. Garnet is the right choice for them. Choose a pair of garnet studs, it will make you look very elegant and sophisticated.


  1. Aquarius- Amethyst

An Aquarius woman is considered to be bright, cool and creative. Amethyst is a perfect choice for Aquarius. Amethyst symbolises uniqueness, brightness and speed.


  1. Pisces- Aquamarine

Extremely talented, humble and Supportive are the qualities that define a Pisces woman. Being a Pisces woman, you should definitely go for Aquamarine jewellery as it symbolises purity and genuineness.





7 Jewellery hacks that will make your life simpler. Guaranteed!

The jewellery has the unique power to make your personality look amazing. To see your favourite jewellery entangled makes us so irritated. The face we make after seeing our favourite earrings misplaced.

So here is a list of the jewellery hacks that will acknowledge you how to make your much simpler.

1) Prevent knots in the necklace chains!

Knots in the necklace…. What a fashion disaster….!!!!

Avoid all such jewellery disasters, all you need to do is thread your necklace through a straw and close the clasp and it will be done.


2) Prevent your hair falling in the clasp of your necklace?

How irritated we become when hair gets into the clasp of the necklace. A simple hack to this is to buy a short length of aquarium tube easily available on a pet shop, cut off a small piece to cover the clasp, then slide it onto the chain and cover the clasp once again.


3) Ready to get rid of the knots in chains of your bracelet?

Place your bracelet’s chain on a clean surface, sprinkle the knot in baby powder, the knot will become loose enough to be detangled with a needle or safety pin. Not to forget, rinse it afterwards in warm water and mild soap, before laying it out to dry.


4) Get your bronze and brass jewellery in place

Sprinkle some salt on a slice of lemon. Now rub the lemon slice over your jewellery, rinse with water and dry it with a soft cloth. In case of a tougher tarnish, make a paste of baking soda, lemon and water.


5) Get tight fitting bangles on your hands….without any pain

Rub some petroleum jelly on your hand then softly try to put the bangles on your hands and they will fit your wrist without any pain.While wearing out the bangles you can put some more petroleum jelly and they will come out from the hands very easily.


6) Clean the nose pin without pain.

Create a sterile saline solution for yourself. Add 1/4th teaspoon of non-iodized salt to a cup of warm water. The nose pin will no longer be a problem for those who have got piercing recently.


7) Bring back the spark to your favourite silver anklet….Without going to a jeweller.

In a ceramic bowl with water, put a teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of salt and a dash of white vinegar. Then place your silver anklet in the mixture for five minutes and get ready for magic, your jewellery will have its shine back.