The Birthstone of January Month

Enjoying the winter chills? We hope you had a blast at the New Year’s bash! With the New Year feel just settling in, how about making it better by purchasing some precious stones? January born people are lucky to have Garnet as their birthstone! This shiny stone is all the class and regal look you wanted!


Legend says Garnets light up the night and protects their owners from nightmares. Garnet is the birthstone for January but with its stunning variety of colors and its mystical powers, it has been given as a gift for all occasions for centuries.


Garnet generally comes in a dark red color, in rare situations; you can also find it in other colors like blue or green. Garnet is known to bring prosperity and peace to the wearer. Legend has it that Garnet is associated with lasting relationships; so gift this stone to your beloved as a symbol of deep connection!

Come on, January babies, bring that precious stone home!

Glamour this New Year with Anutammam

Isn’t it an overwhelming feeling when you leave a jewellery shop after purchasing that dazzling piece? Well, here’s another chance! How about purchasing some beautiful rings for the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s?  Since the wedding season is still going on, it would be a better option to purchase some light jewellery!

Light and classy jewellery makes a good impression wherever you go. You can easily carry it with light traditional clothes or even evening gowns! Anutammam has an amazing range of casual pieces which are can be accessorized with any outfit; be it for a dinner date or even a birthday party!


Adorn your wrist with this elegant heart shaped diamond bracelet; ad let those eyes stare with envy!


Doesn’t these pair of diamond earrings look phenomenal? Wear these for that New Year’s bash and see heads turning everywhere you go!


Rings are a piece of jewellery that will always look elegant no matter what you wear or where you go. How about this very elegant diamond ring or that golden ring for a casual birthday party?


You can also check out our collection of pendant sets to get a casual yet royal look for the next event you head to! Gentlemen, the year is coming to an end, it’s time to pamper our lovely wives with some of Anutammam’s exclusive pieces!

How to Care for your Silver jewellery!

Isn’t silver our favourite when it comes to those fancy jhumkaas and rings? But we all know that silver gets oxidised and turns black with time, also if proper care is not taken. There are some very basic tips that one can follow while wearing silver jewellery and prevent any kind of tarnish!


  • The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid wearing silver ornaments while doing any kind of household chores. Household chemicals tend to corrode and tarnish the ornaments.
  • Ladies, always wear the jewellery after you get ready! Makeup, cosmetics, perfumes or hair sprays, have chemicals that lead to corrosion and tarnishing of the ornaments! So, wear your jewellery at the end to avoid any kind of damage.


  • Another thing to keep in mind is that sun exposure is a reason for tarnish; hence avoid wearing your silver jewellery while swimming.
  • Always store your jewellery in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing multiple pieces in the same pouch to prevent damage and scratches.


  • Since silver is a soft metal, scratches are common to occur. To avoid scratches, clean your silver jewellery with a soft lint free cloth or a microfiber cloth. Using paper napkins or towels might lead to scratches.
  • While cleaning, make sure you rub your jewellery in back and forth motions instead of circular motions. Rubbing in circular motion tends to enhance the visibility of the scratches.

We hope that with these basic tips, you would surely be able to keep your favourite jhumkaas fresh and new!

Royal and elegant wedding collection from Anutammam

Brides all over the world have their own fantasies and dreams about having that perfect wedding with mesmerizing setups and bang on outfits!

Jewellery plays an important role to complement that perfect bridal look. With numerous functions and rituals in our culture, brides-to-be tend to play dress up throughout the week. Choosing outfits and jewellery with each outfit tends to become a difficult task! Anutammam presents you the royal and elegant wedding collection from which you can easily chose your jewellery according to the function!


D-day is the most important day, for obvious reasons! Give yourself a royal-princess-look with this heavy kundan set. A heavy wedding lehenga is incomplete without a regal jewellery set! Opt for this heavy yet subtle kundan set, as you don’t want to over-do your look with heavy outfit and heavy jewellery!


Sangeet is a function where you can definitely play with your outfit and the jewellery! Opt for this heavy choker style gold neckpiece to give an ethnic yet trendy look! No matter what you wear, be it a saree-lehenga or a gown, this piece will surely increase the oomph factor!


Cocktail parties are the time when you don’t want to shy away from your in-laws and get decked up head to toe! Opt for a light yet classy piece like this to go with your cocktail gown! Put on your party heels and say cheers!


What if all the wedding shenanigans have come to an end? You still are the bride and all eyes are going to be on! How about this very pretty diamond and pearl jewellery set for your reception party? Not too heavy, not too light, just perfect!

The Birthstones of December Month

With the winter setting in and the year coming to an end, let’s fight the blues with the three amazing December birthstones; Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise! Chuck buying those furry jackets and buy these beautiful blue hued stones. December birthstones can also be substituted for various precious gems!



Tanzanite, found only in Tanzania, is known for its blue-purple hues. This stone gives a calming effect to the wearer, and helps in solving communication problems. Though expensive, the blue shades of Tanzanite are always a treat for the eyes! It is pleochroic in nature; shows different colours when seen from different angles. Due to its blue shades, Tanzanite can be substituted for sapphire.



Zircon, known for its blue shades, also comes in a variety of other subtle shades like yellow, brown and green. Colourless zircon can be surely used to substitute for diamonds! So all you ladies out there, what you are you waiting for! Another reason to buy this amazing stone is that it tends to boost the confidence levels in the wearer and has also been observed to be good for the marital life!



Turquoise is one of the oldest known stones; known as the royal robin’s egg blue gemstone. With kings and queens adorning themselves with this stone since ages due to its colour. Salman Khan, one of the most successful actors of Bollywood is seen wearing it due to its healing powers! Turquoise, is known to be helpful in reducing mental stress and violence, also tends to soothe those mood swings and panic attacks!

What are you waiting for? Head to the nearest store now!

The Birth Stones of November Month

As the much exaggerated Diwali festival is over, everyone has now geared up with open arms to welcome Christmas and New-year. Everyone loves to buy new clothes and jewelry during this time of the year. While you go for jewellery shopping sprees this month, make sure that you buy your birthstone. November -born people have more reasons to rejoice right now as they get two absolutely stunning gemstones as their birthstones.



The different colors of topaz have their own unique value factors. Topaz actually has an exceptionally wide color range that, besides brown, includes various tones and saturation’s of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. Colorless topaz is plentiful, and is often treated to give it a blue color. Topaz is also pleochroic, meaning that the gem can show different colors in different crystal directions.



Citrine is one of the most popular gemstone available today. It comes from the large family of the quartz gemstones. More specifically, it is the yellow to golden-orange variety of gemstones. The name ‘Citrine’ was derived from the name ‘citron’, a French word meaning lemon. Natural citrine is very rare and more valuable than most varieties of quartz.  Citrine can be easily identified through its distinct quartz properties. It is one of the few gemstones that naturally occurs in golden to yellow colors.

Which of these precious stones are you going to buy this month?

The Irresistible Allure of Gold Jewellery

Celebrate eternal beauty of woman with Gold Jewellery

Woman love jewelry and they love Gold the most. Finding a perfect gold jewelry to match the mood is a task but once you have it, you are sorted for lifetime.  That is why the precious metal Gold gets a lot of love. Anutammam always strives to stay contemporary and so we have created a whole range of gold jewellery. The diamonds on the jewellery have been set in illusion setting so the beauty of solitaires comes alive on each piece.

Here are some of the best pieces from this collection of gold and diamond jewellery.


The attraction of gold is evergreen. Our mood is instantly lifted at the site of colorful blooms. This pendant set  with earrings is inspired by Indian tradition which will get in you in limelight every time you wear it.


Here’s a Polki chandbalas. The timeless beauty of this chandbalas is the right addition to your graceful looks. This chandbalas is the perfect pick for your every traditional look.


Statement rings have been favorites for a long time. This ring will look as amazing with your favorite Indo-western  outfit as it will look with a saree.


Bored of those heavy bangles and bracelets? We present our elegant, lightweight creation! A bangle studded with multiple diamonds is what you need to make your handshake a lot more stylish.

Style Guide: Diamond Jewellery for a classic appeal!

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friends. Every girl desires to have at least one in her life. Choosing diamond is definitely not an easy job as it comes in different colour, shapes and sizes. You need to see the GIA certificate, the 4c’s i.e. the cut, colour, carat, clarity and in what condition the diamond is.

Buying a diamond is easy but styling it with your attire isn’t. It is equally important for every diamond lovers to know how to style their attire if they want to buy one.

Festive season


Festive seasons are special. Every woman loves dressing up little over the top during festive seasons and if it is diamond then it is no doubt an icing on the cake. Generally, every woman prefers wearing saris, salwar suits or lehengas during the festive season. You can team your traditional attire with a heavy diamond necklace, a stone studded earrings and some simple bangles.

Birthday Party


Generally you choose to wear a gown, dress, palazzos or jumpsuits for a birthday party. While choosing jewellery for the party- you must go for simple diamond studs, ear cuffs, bracelets or chokers. These are certain things which go well with any kind of party attire.



Weddings are incomplete without diamond jewellery. Heavy embroidered lehenga and diamond jewellery goes hand in hand. Team up your wedding dress with the brightest and the heaviest diamond necklace, a nice big jhumka, bangles and so on. Not only the bride, the bride’s mother or sister can also go for diamonds on the wedding day. Make sure the colour of your attire matches the diamond set you choose to wear for the wedding.

Dinner Date


So you have plans to go out with your boyfriend and your dress is ready but you don’t know what to accessorise it with. Go for diamonds! Diamonds are something that goes with anything and for any occasion. Simple dress and simple diamond jewellery mix-matched together is a good option for a dinner date with your boyfriend.


Things that matter while buying Jewellery!

Jewellery is must have for every woman. Be it a pendant, ring, bangle or a necklace- every woman owns something or the other. Jewellery has always been a part of human culture. Even from the times when humans first started using clothes some thousand years ago- jewels were made from any kind of materials such as stones, feathers, plants, bones, shells, wood, animal skin and much more. With time as humans changed, their thinking and way of living also changed. These days’ diamonds, gold, pearl, ruby, emerald, Kundan have become a big craze for every woman.


Jewellery designs are versatile in India and it varies from state to state. Jewellery can be of so many different types- silver, gold, diamond, metal, pearl, emerald, ruby etc.

But there are certain things you should keep in mind while buying Jewellery these days:

  • If you are buying gold jewellery make sure it is BIS Hallmarked in it. Never go for gold jewellery which doesn’t have a BIS Hallmark in it.


  • Do not forget to take a retail invoice from the shop while buying any kind of gold jewellery where the present rate of gold, the making charge and the BIS Hallmark is clearly mentioned.
  • If you are going for any other kind of Jewellery like Kundan, emerald, ruby- make sure what kind of quality is provided to you by the shopkeeper.



  • Make sure the shopkeeper weighs the gold properly in a weighing machine while selling it.
  • Always remember the 4c’s while buying diamond jewellery i.e. cut, clarity, colour and carat.


  • Certificate from GIA matters a lot while buying a diamond jewellery where the 4c’s, the rate of the diamond, the exact diamond conditions are what mentioned in the certificate

These are some of the essential things one must keep in mind while buying Jewellery.

Shimmer this Diwali with Jewellery from Anutammam

Glitter with Gold or Shimmer with Shine….The jewels that you flaunt, Flash like a moon’s light!!

Jewellery is women’s best friend. Indians have been using jewellery for adornment since centuries. The most important significance in the country is evident from the fact that on many auspicious occasions jewellery forms a part of gifts. Indian festivals are incomplete without ornaments- earrings, pendants, necklace, head gears, finger rings, bangles, mang tikas are some of the must-have jewellery for every woman these days.

The festival of lights i.e. Diwali has a very big connection with jewellery. The first day of the Diwali festival is the Dhanteras festival which is known as “Dhanatrayodashi” where every woman buys some or the other jewellery.


Jewellery no doubt is an important thing in every woman’s life. They serve as a cultural heritage. Traditionally jewellery these days is always linked with wealth, power and status. So guys what are you waiting for? If you still haven’t bought your favourite jewellery set this festival- buy it exclusively from Anutammam. They believe that fine sense of balance makes jewellery truly extraordinary with traditional and modern themes blend into contemporary designs.



For a completely magnificent look on special occasions, different colours in a single jewellery piece spell its magic.



The embodiment of grace and style, diamond bracelets set in white gold are a delightful reminder of the eternal beauty of hands.



Wear the most gracious ring, as this fine yet stunning piece set in Diamond, is absolutely a fine piece of art!



Stunning necklace decorated with diamonds is representing the enchanting festive spirit.

So, this Diwali get all the glitz and glam from one of the finest jewellery shops in India- Anutammam.